Clegg Admits He Started Internet Rumour Claiming He Was Dead

Clegg News: Nick Clegg has admitted he started an internet rumour claiming he had died, in order to put his name back in the news.

“I knew I had nothing of actual interest or worth to say, but I wanted to be in the papers,” the deputy Prime Minister said. “I can see the irony now. I faked my own fake death to remind people that I’m still alive.”

Clegg had prepared a “rousing” statement to quash the internet rumour, which failed to go viral or receive any significant attention. Those who did pick up the rumour called it “poorly executed” and “pathetic.”

“No one even knew about the rumour,” Clegg said. “From a fake account I tweeted Nick Robinson asking ‘is Nick Clegg dead? #isnickcleggdead.’ He replied ‘Maybe. Dealing with more important stories right now.’”

Story: Richard Lemmer

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