Olympic Tower Transformed Into Giant Shisha Pipe

Architecture News:¬†Stratford’s Olympic Tower, designed to be a lasting legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games in East London, has been transformed into a giant shisha pipe, following a controversial sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways.


The 379 feet tall sculpture has faced financial difficulties in recent months as thousands of defecating birds have made the iconic structure their home.

“It’s like the Forth Bridge,” said one maintenance officer who asked not to be named, “but with shit.”

“The minute you’ve cleaned off one bit, come back down the ladder for a cup of tea and gone up again, it’s like you’ve never even started. Caked with bird crap. They just love it up there.”

With spiralling maintenance bills and original sponsor Lakshmi Mitall unwilling to foot the bill any longer, London Mayor Boris Johnson spearheaded the search for a new sponsor.

“Qatar Airways stepped forward with a jolly decent offer and we’re happy to have them as partners. Obviously they wanted something in return for their money, and so the Tower has undergone some modifications.”

Not everyone, however, is happy with what is now being dubbed ‘The Shisha’.

“If I wanted to build a huge fucking pipe I would have done so,” said Anish Kapoor, designer of the original tower who is suing the City of London for vandalism. “My design was meant to rival the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Now it rivals The Smiler in Alton Towers.”