12 fantastically weird romance novels to stir your passions

The world of the romance novel is an incredibly diverse place – from the cosy Mills & Boon novels your Mum might read to niche epublishing titles where people have sex with toasters. Here are twelve of the most bizarre, both old and new.

1. “Werehipsters”

2. “Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece”

3. “The Very Virile Viking”

4. “Forgive My Fins”

5. “One Sexy Daddy”

6. “Unicorn Vengeance”

7. “My Taboo Bike”

8. “The Bull Rider’s Christmas Baby”

9. “Taken By The Pterodactyl”

10. “How To Catch Crabs”

11. “Abraham Lincoln: Fuck Lord of the Moon”

12. Absolutely anything by Chuck Tingle

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