Teenager suspended from school over witty response to Sex Education homework

A 14-year-old has been suspended from school over her remarkably honest answers when asked about the possible excuses a partner might give for not wearing a condom – reports The Independent.

Jordan Fridman, 21, shared an image of her younger sister Mariah’s homework for a sex-education class at her school in Montreal on Imgur.


Fridman uploaded the photo with the caption: “Two years ago today, my then 14-year-old sister got suspended for submitting these answers for her sex-ed class. I’m so proud of her.”

Highlights include “Condoms are gross, they’re messy; I hate them”, to which Mariah answered: “So are babies”.

And “I don’t have a condom with me”, which Mariah was having none of.

She replied with “I don’t have a vagina with me.”