Tweets Of The Week 8

Since January the 1st our intern Jim has been gaffa tapped to a chair and forced to look at every tweet published. He has gone a bit weird, he may even have Kanye related stress disorder, but here are our favourite tweets from the past 168 hours.

Good news was given

2. Websites were improved

3. Birthdays were celebrate

4. The Brits kind of happened

5. Tweets were immortalised

6. And magazines were published

7. Moves were made

8. Breaking news happened

9. Superheroes failed

10. Recipes were ruined

11. Judgements were made

12. Abominations happened

13. And superstars were unrecognised


15. Relationships were explained in simplicity

16. New species were discovered

17. Great stories were told

18. This woman had an entire tube line named after her

19. Chat up lines were perfected

20. And your mum started writing books

21. Political amylases were spot on

22. Very very wise advice was given

23. Doodles were made

24. Any fans of 30 rock will be brilliant pleased

25. And truth was so very brilliantly put