The age of the Travelling Wilburys in 1988 will make you realise life is short and you’d better get a move on

Stand up comedian Neal Brennan has made the terrifying observation about the Travelling Wilburys.

“Was talking with friend about how impossibly old the Traveling Wilburys seemed when they released their music in 1988.

“I’ve listed their ages at the time. For some perspective, three of them are no longer alive.

“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.”

— writes @Nealbrennan over on Twitter.

That’s (from left)
Bob Dylan – 47
Jeff Lynne – 41
Tom Petty – 37
Roy Orbison – 52
George Harrison – 45

Whoa! Maybe that’s too much perspective?

And to really make you feel old – it’s interesting to consider what people you might pick now, to launch a new Travelling Wilburys in 2018

Think we all need a sit down and for someone to handle us with care

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