This guy refused to pay for his date’s dinner and it really did escalate from there

It’s not easy going on a first date with someone for lots of reasons, most of which we don’t have time to go into here.

But one of those reasons is the tricky business of who picks up the bill if you go out for dinner. Back in the olden days it was the done thing for the bloke to pick it up, these days … less so.

Splitting it down the middle is surely the done thing, right? Not if you’re this woman, who really showed her true colours when her date decided not to pick up her half of the tab.

The exchange was shared by Redditor CuteBananaMuffin and, well, here goes …

Probably best to find out these things before you go on a second date, so actually she was doing him a favour.

Here’s what people made of it on Reddit, as highlighted by the good people of Bored Panda.


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