Scottish MP Mhairi Black had a first class takedown for this troll who questioned her education

Scottish National Party MP Mhairi Black has a reputation for straight talking since she became the youngest MP ever elected to Westminster in 2015.

It was a reputation she reinforced this week when someone on Twitter – it’s always someone on Twitter – suggested she ‘defo sat foundy classes in school’.

A ‘foundy class’, if you don’t know, is slang for ‘foundation’, the easiest exam that Scottish pupils took at Standard Grade, the Scottish equivalent of a GCSE.

And here was Black’s reply.

No wonder he deleted his tweet.

And if you don’t know what ‘telt’ is it’s – Google, Google – a verbal battering.

It reminded us of when Black said this.

Which prompted someone to say this.

Black’s reply was 10/10.



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