This fake ‘March to Leave’ website is so much better than the real one

As you must have heard by now, Nigel Farage has been fundraising for a grand-gesture march to take place from Sunderland to London, like a hideous mockery of the Jarrow March, but with regular hotel stops and a lot of bussed sections. The website for the march is a cross between Brexit propaganda and a begging letter, but an anti-Brexit activist group, Led by Donkeys, has set up its own – cheekily similar – website, that has a lot more going for it.

We took a look at some of the best differences. The original comes first, followed by the @ByDonkeys parody.
The homepage

Pledge to march

Farage – Sunderland to Parliament Square

@ByDonkeys – Bexhill to Ramsgate


To add insult to injury, @ByDonkeys have also managed to crowdfund for a couple of advans to follow the Leave march.

Perhaps this will be on one of them.


Source: March to Leave
H/T: Talkradio

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