This hideously controlling grandmother united the internet in horror

This hideously controlling grandmother united the internet in horror

One of the traditional pleasures – and also pressures – of Christmas is having so many relatives all together in the same room at the same time.

It can prompt the occasional heated moment or two – you get where we’re coming from – but at least we can all reassure ourselves (at least, I hope we can) that we don’t have to put up with a relative like this.

‘My mother dearest, whom my sister and I JUST let back into our lives, talking to my sister about her daughter (my niece). Behold the kind of person she is…’ said catamaranbatman on Reddit.

Turns out it wasn’t just us that gave a little cheer at ‘you’re done’.

BetziPGH: ‘It’s terrible that’s how your mother talks. It’s fantastic your sister stands up for herself and her child. Bye bye Nana.’

KingDerivative: ‘I legitimately can’t understand how the hill she chose to die on was literally over a bicycle helmet and a Barbie doll. She sounds awful, sorry you’ve gotta deal with that.’

peanutsqueaks: ‘I feel like I almost got whiplash with how quickly she tried to turn her being awful around.’

TheIowaHawkGuy: ‘I’m sorry your moms a dud, but your sisters a badass. You’re lucky to have her.’


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Source Reddit u/catamaranbatman

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