Nancy wins facepalm of the day

Facepalm of the day comes courtesy of TomatoJamJellyFish who shared this Facebook post on Reddit and, really, it’s a classic of the genre.

Nancy is against vaccinations. She is also against facts.

Here are just a few of the responses it generated over on Reddit.

‘Why do flat earthers so vehemently deny that gravity exists.’ wilhavereven

‘Only way for their conspiracy to make sense… well sorta.’ coolmint859

‘For water to flow down you need to acknowledge gravity exists.’ MintTrappe

‘Yes, and how does the water stick to the downside of the globe? With that logic, all the water would have been fallen off the earth.’ llauraishere

‘Thats why its not a globe! /s.’ zerouzer


A flat-Earther (not this one) posted “proof” of the conspiracy theory and got murdered by words

Source Reddit u/TomatoJamJellyFish

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